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Mdundo Guides: The Stats Page

While music is an artistic endeavor the numbers behind it play a very important role in the music industry. On Mdundo the statistics and numbers play a very important role in how we operate our charts, payouts and awards. There are many statistical metrics that are tracked by Mdundo but the most important ones are those that are available on the stats page on every artist's profile.

What Is The Stats Page?

The stats page is part of an artist's profile on Mdundo that gives them a detailed breakdown of their numbers on the platform. There are only three metrics that are tracked on the stats but these are the most important metrics for an artist.

  1. Downloads: These are the download number for the artist. Once an artist logs into their profile they can check on the stats page to see their total downloads on Mdundo since they created their account and they can even see their downloads for every six months. This is the total downloads of all the content that an artist has uploaded on their account.

  2. Earnings: The amount of money that an artist earns on Mdundo can also be viewed under the stats tab. Same as with downloads the earnings can be viewed as a total amount or for every six months/payment period.

  3. Transactions: This shows all the payouts that have been made by Mdundo to the artist. It shows the total amount that has been paid out to the artist and also the amount for each payment period. It shows all the payouts and any balance that is present on the artist's account.

Why Is The Stats Page Important?

The stats page is important to both Mdundo and the artists on the platform for various reasons. These include

  • The stats page provides transparency between Mdundo and the artists. The earnings and download numbers are available to every artist on Mdundo and they can see them at any time that they want to. The numbers are tracked in real time and updated regularly to allow the artist to have a clearer picture of their performance on the platform.

  • The stats page allows for artists to strategize and plan their activities on Mdundo. An artist can want to increase their downloads on the platform and will engage in more marketing activities and upload more music on the platform. Other artists could be content with their numbers and just maintain their activities on the platform. Up-to-date stats allow for better planning from artists.

  • The stats page enables artists to see how much they have earned and allows them to plan for their earnings. Because payouts are paid out twice a year artists can use the stats page to track and predict their earnings. They can plan and budget for their earnings which they will receive during the payment period.

Please note, that though downloads are tracked in real-time, the system refreshes itself periodically. This means that the increase in downloads will reflect after some time. It is important to note that every user can download the song only once.


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