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Quarterly Download & Earnings Tracking

We're thrilled to share some fantastic news with you!

Now, you have the amazing ability to easily track your earnings on quarterly. It's as simple as logging into your account, clicking on "Stats", and discovering exactly how much you've earned during the period from January 1st, 2024, to April 30th, 2024.

And remember, our payment schedule remains consistent: we disburse payments in January and July of each year.

But that's not all! We're here to support your journey and help you maximize your earnings.

Here are some exciting activities you can engage in to grow your downloads and boost your royalties:

  • Keep your account fresh and vibrant by regularly updating it with new music and lyrics.

  • Share your profile with your followers to expand your audience reach.

  • Whenever you release new content, let us know! We're more than happy to feature your music in our playlists and promotions.

Together, we can amplify your success on!


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