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Mdundo East Africa Top 10 Songs March 2024

March gave us a mix of great tunes in the Mdundo Top 10, getting us all hooked and tapping our feet worldwide. Each song had its own vibe, from catchy beats to heartfelt lyrics. Whether you were grooving to Afrobeat or feeling the emotions in a slow jam, Mdundo had something for everyone. It was like taking a journey through different styles and sounds, with each track leaving a mark on us. From popular hits to hidden treasures, March's Top 10 on Mdundo showed off the diverse talent in music today. It was a reminder of how music can bring us together and lift our spirits.

Full list here

  1. Komando Ft. Diamond Platnumz - G Nako

  2. Sioni - Nay Wa Mitego

  3. Baridi - Jay Melody

  4. Huu Mwaka Remix Ft Rayvanny - Dayoo

  5. Yanga vs Simba. - Many Jay X Sixtony

  6. Anisamehe Ft Rayvanny - Marioo

  7. Shusha Nyavu - Christina Shusho

  8. Sawa - Jay Melody

  9. Tshwala Bam - Tito M

  10. Naogopa Ft Harmonize - Marioo


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