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How To Be a Mdundo Content Creator / Podcaster

If you have been creating content and looking for avenues to monetise, you are in the right place.

Mdundo Creators encourages you to put out a wide range of content: Podcasts, Reviews, Radio Shows, Comedy Skits, Think Pieces, Advice, Reacts, Commentaries, Education, Infomercials, Documentaries… If your category is still not listed here, trust we still want to hear it. 

How Do I Sign Up

Create an account on Mdundo HERE

Use a valid email address as you will receive an email to activate your account on Mdundo. 

Check your email for an email from Mdundo Notification’ (check spam folder in case you don’t see it.) Click the ‘Activation Link’ to activate your account.

That should lead you to a confirmation page on Mdundo, Click ‘Continue’

Sign in with the email and password you just created.


Set Up Your Artist Profile

Upload a good photo that represents you/ your content. (Don’t worry if it doesn’t show, it will update once you click ‘Save’)

On the ‘Artist Name’ field, fill in your Stage Name or Title of Your Content/Podcast

Put in a brief bio that clearly explains to listeners what to expect when they dive in to listen. 

Click ‘Save’

Now you are all set, just click on ‘Upload Song’ to upload your audio content. 

Click on ‘Choose Song’ to upload your audio content. Note the audio must be in Mp3 format & 128kbps speeds.

Rightfully fill in all the fields. (Ignore ‘Album’ field)

On ‘Track Type’ always select  ‘Original’

For ‘Track Genre’ always select ‘Creator Content - Podcast, Comedy…’

Select the check box to ‘Agree to content provider Terms & Conditions’

Click ‘Save’ and YOU ARE LIVE! Congratulations!

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Additional Helpful Information


HERE is a step by step guide on how to request your earnings on Mdundo.

The minimum pay-out balance is 50 USD (7,800 KES) for mobile money and 100 USD (15,800 KES) for bank transfers. 


HERE are things to observe for all the content you create. If your content does not adhere to stated guidelines, you will be either; Advised on how/what to change OR for more grave violations such as copyright infringement, your content will be taken down and you will receive official communication about the same. 


HERE are some tips on how you can grow as a creator on Mdundo. Keep at it, you are doing great. 


Here are other creators just like you on Mdundo. 


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