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Mdundo Guides: Download Share


The download share on Mdundo is the number of downloads an artist receives on the platform relative to the total amount of downloads on the platform. It is a comparison of your downloads against all the downloads. For example if artist A has 5000 downloads on their account and the total downloads on Mdundo is 5,000,000 then their download share will discovered by dividing 5000 with 5,000,000. Artist A's download share is 0.001 of the total downloads, if you are to convert it to the percentage then you will get 0.1 percent. This is how Mdundo determines the download share of artists on the platform.

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The download share is one of the most important metrics for any artist on Mdundo. When determining the amount of money paid out to artists during the payout periods, Mdundo uses the download share. If an artist has a download share of 6 percent then they are to receive 6 percent of the money available for payout to artists. Whatever your download share is it will be used to determine the amount of money to be paid out to you. That is why it is important to encourage your fans to download as much of your music as they can from Mdundo.

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The download share is used to determine the amount of payment an artist can receive during a particular payout period. Because the payout period is after every six months the download share is calculated after every six months. Due to this, there can be variances in download share and the payment received due to particular reasons.

  • Your downloads can increase from one payment period to another but the total downloads on Mdundo increases by a greater factor causing you to have a lower download share.

  • Your download share can remain the same or increase from one payment period to another but the amount available as payout to artists decreases thus causing you to receive a lower payout compared to before.

  • Your download share can decrease or remain the same from one payment period to another but the amount available for artists' payouts can increase by a significant amount thus causing you to receive a higher payout even though you had no increase in download share

These are the main factors that affect the relationship between the download share and the payout amount, they cause the variance and fluctuation in the payout amount from one payment period to the next.

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