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Mdundo Guides: The Importance Of Your Phone Number And Country

Every Mdundo manager account has an attached phone number. This is a fundamental requirement during the account creation process. A phone number is important not only because it allows Mdundo to be able to contact you but also to facilitate your earnings payments during the two payment periods in a year. Artists in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and Rwanda have their earnings payments made through mobile money services.

What Is a Payment Period?

Throughout the year Mdundo works with various partners and collects earnings that are paid out to the artists on the platform. Every artist receives their earnings share depending on their share of the total downloads. Click here to read further regarding payments

Once earnings have been collected they are paid out to artists twice a year, in January and July. Only during these two months will earnings payments be processed and sent out to artists. Any payment request made by an artist will be processed during the next payment period.

The Importance Of Your Phone Number

With the exception of a few cases Mdundo makes all of its artist earnings payments via mobile money. Once an artist has seen that they have earnings, they can make a payment request. Once the request is processed the payment will be sent via mobile money to the number that is attached to your Mdundo account.

If the number is incorrect then the earnings payments will not be successful. The transaction may not succeed or the earnings might be sent to the wrong recipient. A number that is incorrect, incomplete or inactive will cause an artist to miss out on earnings payments regardless of whether or not they have made a payment request.

Why Your Country Matters

When creating your account your country of residence is another piece of information that is requested. If you indicate the wrong country then you will not be able to receive your payment. An earnings payment will be sent to the country that is indicated on your account and not the one you reside in. Such a payment will not be successful. Always indicate the correct country of residence to ensure that your earnings get to you easily. Please note that not all markets support mobile money earnings payments, for example, South Africa

What to Do

  • Log in to your Mdundo account

Make sure to log in to your Mdundo account and check under the stats tab to confirm the number of earnings that you have received so that you can make a payout request.

  • Confirm your phone number

Once you have seen the number of earnings that you have, you can now confirm that the phone number indicated on your account is the correct one. Ensure that the attached phone number belongs to you, is active, is registered to a mobile money service and can be accessed by you with ease.

  • Confirm your country

Make sure that the indicated country is your current country of residence. This will facilitate easier payments to you and prevent any payment challenges from coming up.

  • Edit your account.

If you find that any of the payment details attached to your account are incorrect such as the wrong payment phone number you can reach out to the Mdundo support team to edit your account details so that the correct details can be captured (Click here to edit your account)

Contact Us

In case you are an artist who is in a country that is not served through mobile money payments and would like to withdraw your earnings or you would like any other assistance please contact us via email at, via WhatsApp or any other of our communication channels to be assisted


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