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Highest Growing Artists : Nishell

Brattley Nishell Oluoch, also known as Nishell, is an Kenyan afrobeat artist. He is known for his songs such as Habibi, Jamaican Girl, Belinda, etc. He is a fast-rising star in the music scene and is one artist to look out for in the future.


Nishell started his love and passion for music while he was in high school, he would sing a lot and during evening studies he would keep singing to the point where his classmates would ask him to sing some of their favourite songs for them. He also started writing music during this time. By the time he completed the secondary education he had filled a book of 200 pages full of songs that he had written. He was constantly writing down the lyrics that came to him at any time of the day.

He recorded his first song, Cinderella, after high school and received a lot of positive responses that encouraged him to pursue music even further as a career.


As he progresses in his career, Nishell has changed and evolved as an artist. He says that he has changed his writing and singing approach while also becoming more versatile as an artist. He has explored new genres and has written songs in reggae, lingala and he is always looking to tap into a new sound. His musical direction so far has been guided by responses from the fans, if they like something or request something he will look to make more of it.


Nishell was attracted to Mdundo due to the ease of access that it provides to both fans and creators. It can be accessed by anybody and his songs can be downloaded for free by his fans. Mdundo has increased his visibility, especially by sharing his music on social media which got very positive reactions leading to very positive growth in his fanbase. This has led to an increase in the number of downloads he receives as compared to before he joined Mdundo. This has inspired him to produce even more music so that he can reach even further heights.


The challenges in the music industry are a lot. The biggest one is getting noticed by the mainstream media. To grow your profile as a musician requires a lot of money for production, recording and distribution. He needs to first look for money, which could take a long time, so that he can then be able to make new music. Another challenge is the lack of proper management available to him. Since he does not have a manager he is the one who oversees every aspect of his career which has been very tiresome for him. Mdundo has been helpful to him to grow his fanbase as it has exposed new people across Africa to his music. His music has been well received thus causing him to become one of the highest growing artists on the platform. Mdundo has shared his music on social media and he credits this to growing the traction in his career.


Nishell looks forward to growing more as an artist and becoming even more famous. He hopes to get more promotion from the platforms he uses to distribute his music so that more fans can find his music. He also hopes to get a manager to help him grow professionally and to help him reach the top of the charts all over Africa.


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