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Highest Growing Artists : Odongo Swagg

Artist Background

Odongo Swagg is prolific song writer, performing artist doing ohangla genre of music and one of the highest growing artists on Mdundo. He is riding high on the airwaves with hit songs such as Chwade gi Nyundo, Beril Nya Ugenya and Simba Odenyo. His name is derived from various things, Odongo is a cultural and ancestral name of the Luo tribe in Kenya. Apparently, he got the Swagg nickname because of his laid-back and easy cruising lifestyle.

His Career So Far

He is based in Kisumu county where he embarked on his music journey. He started his music career in 2013, getting into music as a newcomer became very challenging as promoters, instruments and general support became hard to find. After being inspired by an artist called Otieno Saba Saba, who realized the latent talent that he had, he was enrolled by him in his band. In 2014 Odongo did his first solo album "Linda Nyar Lang'o" which did fairly well in market. He chose ohangla as his preferred genre of music due to his love of that particular genre , the energy in that ohangla music possesses, the wonderful and beautiful melodies among other things.

As his profile grew so did his reach and his fanbase. Going from an upcoming artist to becoming an established star in the ohangla space came with some growing pains. The biggest challenge he faced was in the distribution of his music. Odongo Swagg wanted to have his music readily available to as many of his fans as possible to be financially viable. He also needed to protect his fast-rising music from piracy in the digital space to ensure that he made the most out of his recordings.

Why Mdundo Works For Him

Mdundo was the chosen platform, because of the extensive infrastructure and platform they have across Africa. Mdundo has encouraged him to work even due to the supporting systems the online platform has put across for creatives to spur their growth musically. His strategy was simple, to write good songs and convert his fans to be good music ambassadors, sharing his music far and wide. As he continues his musical journey he looks forward to even more aggressive marketing of his songs so that they can reach even more markets so that he can gain even more fans.


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