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Ykee Benda: Mdundo Has Taken My Music Across The World

The Mdundo team was able to sit down with Ykee Benda, one of the biggest artists in Uganda and talked to him about his experience as an artist on Mdundo. The artist was able to describe his journey so far on the platform and this is what he had to say.

As an artist, I am thrilled to share my experience with Mdundo, a game-changer in the music industry! Mdundo has not only provided a platform for me to showcase my talent but also connected me with a vast and untapped audience of music enthusiasts. The reach offered by Mdundo is truly remarkable, and it has allowed my music to resonate with fans I never knew existed. It's an incredible feeling to witness my music touch the hearts of listeners from different corners of Africa.

One aspect that sets Mdundo apart is its marketing strategy. They have taken the responsibility of promoting my music seriously, exposing it to a wide array of potential fans through various channels. This dedicated marketing approach has significantly boosted my visibility as an artist, enabling me to stand out in a competitive industry.

Moreover, I must commend Mdundo for their fair and transparent royalty payouts. As an artist, being recognized and compensated for my hard work is of utmost importance. With Mdundo, I can rest assured that I am receiving the rightful compensation for my music, making it possible for me to continue creating the music my fans love.

In conclusion, Mdundo has been a pivotal partner in my musical journey, allowing me to focus on my craft while they take care of reaching new fans and ensuring fair rewards. I encourage all fellow artists to explore the incredible opportunities that Mdundo offers, as it can undoubtedly elevate your career to new heights


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