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Mdundo Guides: Track Your Downloads

Downloads are the most important thing to any artist on Mdundo. They are used to determine your popularity on the platform, how many of your songs will be playlisted, and even the amount of money you will receive during the royalty payment period. It is important for any artist on the platform to be able to accurately track their downloads so that they can have a clearer picture of their experience on Mdundo.

Why is tracking downloads important?

  1. Tracking downloads allows you to see the popularity of your songs on Mdundo. Very popular songs will have many downloads and as such the download numbers will be changing very quickly. Songs that are not popular will have very static download numbers.

  2. Tracking downloads allows for more informed musical decisions. As an artist if you upload a song to Mdundo and it causes a huge jump in your download numbers then it means that the audience is connecting with that song and wants to hear more music like it. This enables you to figure out what type of music to focus on to get more downloads

  3. Tracking downloads allows you to know more about your earnings on Mdundo. The more downloads you have means that you have a larger download share thus meaning you will get a higher royalty payout.

How to track your downloads

It is very easy to track your downloads on Mdundo. Just follow the steps below and you will be able to see detailed numbers regarding your downloads

  • Log into your Mdundo account

  • Click on stats

  • Click on details to see your downloads per song

Kindly note that though downloads are tracked in real-time, the system refreshes itself periodically. This means that the increase in downloads will reflect after some time. It is important to note that every user can download the song only once.


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