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Mdundo Guides: Playlists And DJ Mixes

With the large number of songs available on Mdundo sometimes it is difficult to keep up with new releases and artists you are interested in. Or sometimes the listener will get choice fatigue and just go back to the songs and artists that they are used to and comfortable with.

Our playlists and DJ mixes exist to help the consumer be able to discover new music every time they listen to Mdundo and also to give increased visibility to the artists on the platform. The Mdundo curation team takes a lot of care and attention in creating the playlists and DJ mixes so as to ensure that both the listener and artist get maximum value.

The Importance Of Getting On A Playlist or DJ Mix

Being included on the right playlists or DJ mix can vastly improve streaming numbers and ensure that releases reach a truly global audience. A song that is placed on a popular playlist will be viewed and downloaded by more people. This will introduce the music to a broader audience and increase the profile of the artist.

More downloads lead to more money for the artist as the royalties that are paid out to the artist will increase. If an artist regularly has music on the most popular playlists and DJ mixes then they will receive a higher payout during the artist payment period.

Getting on playlists and DJ mixes will reduce the time and effort that an artist will spend on marketing activities for their music. With a large number of listeners, playlists and DJ mixes are a good way to get music directly to the listener without any barriers.

How To Get Your Music On A Playlist Or DJ Mix

There are so many different genres of music on Mdundo, with so many songs between them. The Mdundo curation team takes time to create playlists and DJ mixes covering all these genres and even country-specific playlists. There is even a Rising Stars Playlist that is focused only on up-and-coming artists across Africa.

To get your music on a Mdundo playlist or DJ mix all you have to do is put in a request via indicating which song you want to featured in a playlist or DJ mix. Make sure your Mdundo account is regularly updated with new music. Once you have made your request just sit back and let our curation team do the rest. That's how easy it is.


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