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Mdundo Rank: What You Need To Know

What is rank?

Rank is the position of your Mdundo account which is based on your active listener for the last 30 days

This can be influenced by a number of factors such as:

  • A new hit release

  • Song gone viral

  • Social media influence

  • Online trends & events


Rank: 36 -6

What does the red arrow pointing downwards mean?

Just as the arrow is pointing down, it means that your rank is declining. Your account is not being searched as much or another account is being searched more than yours.

What does the negative number mean?-3

The negative number besides the red arrow means that your account’s rank, has moved down the indicated times

Example: Rank: 36 -6

This account is now at rank 36. Before that it was at rank 30 and has moved down 6 steps.


Rank: 2 +288

What does the green arrow pointing upwards mean?

Opposite to the red arrow, the green arrow shows improvement in terms of rank. Your account’s popularity is skyrocketing which is a good thing.

What does the positive number mean?+288

The positive number besides the green arrow means that your account’s rank, has moved up the indicated times.

Example Rank: Rank: 2 +288

This account is now at rank 2. Before that it was at rank 290 and has moved up 288 steps.


Is it important to care about my rank?

Definitely. Knowing how your account is performing is key to improving and enables you to think creatively & strategically on how to engage your fans and acquire new ones.


How can I ensure my rank doesn’t go down? In some cases, this may not be within your control. However, there are a few activities you can do in order to be consistent and move up the ranks;

  • Regularly update your Mdundo account with new music and lyrics

  • Share your profile with your followers

  • Let Mdundo know when you have uploaded new releases. We are happy to push your content in our playlists



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