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The Djooky Music Charts

The Djooky music chart is the only place online where artists win weekly cash prizes of up to $300 for just topping the charts.

How does it work?

  1. Register or sign up with Djooky

  2. Nominate your song

  3. Invite your fans to vote for you.

  4. Win the weekly cash prize

Fans and Support is key

  • Fans

In order to win, your fans play a vital role in Djooky. This means that you need to promote your song and ask your fans to vote for the song that you nominated.

How to vote

  • Download the Djooky mobile app for the complete music experience.

  • Favorite my track first, then. You Vote

  • You can VOTE upto 100VP.



  • Djooky Africa WhatsApp Group

When you join the Djooky Africa WhatsApp Group, the members will vote for you too, and rally support for you on social media.

It's so much fun...and just think of the cash prizes you could be winning every week!

Register now and take part in the first global online weekly and seasonal (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) song contest

Nigeria's Tam Ben topped the Djooky music charts for WEEKS!


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