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Empowering African Artists: Join Mdundo in Transforming the Music Industry proudly hosts over 100,000 talented artists. Our mission at is not just about distributing music; it's about transforming the industry by stamping out piracy and ensuring fair compensation for our artists, thereby injecting vitality into the sector.

Our commitment to the music industry is unwavering, and we express this through our biannual payment system, disbursing earnings to artists in January and July. Through continuous campaigns throughout the year, we diligently accumulate revenue, ensuring artists receive their well-deserved share during these designated payment periods.

As testament to our dedication, Mdundo has witnessed a remarkable growth in artist payments over the years, solidifying our position as one of Africa's premier payment platforms. With a steadfast focus on growth, we remain committed to our artists' success, ensuring each one receives their rightful dues.

But our journey doesn't end there. At, we anticipate continued growth and remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring every artist receives their due compensation. Embark on your musical journey with Mdundo today by signing up and exploring the myriad growth opportunities awaiting you. Let's shape the future of African music together.


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