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Onboarding CPs and Testimonials

In this compelling documentary episode, artists and music labels recount their initial encounters with Mdundo and the journey of getting onboarded onto the platform.

Through personal stories and insightful interviews, discover how Mdundo has revolutionized their approach to distributing music, reaching audiences, and shaping their careers in the digital age. effectively onboarded artists through a streamlined process that emphasizes ease and accessibility.

By providing a user-friendly platform and clear guidelines, they attract a diverse range of musicians. also offers valuable support and resources to help artists understand the benefits of joining, such as increased exposure and revenue opportunities.

This approach ensures a seamless onboarding experience, fostering a robust community of artists on For more details, watch the video here.

Featured Speakers:

Mike Strano - Partners Against Piracy Kenya

George Ouma - JoJo Records

Winnie Mokaya - Tamasha Records

Tim Rimbui - EnC Talent

Kagwe Mungai - Artist

Micheal Mlingwa - Slide Digital TZ

Songa - Artist

Natalie Lukknaer - Sauti Academy


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