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Growth of Hyperlocal Content

Discover how Mdundo is revolutionizing the music industry with a strong focus on hyperlocal content.

Join various industry figures as they share their insights and perspectives on what hyperlocal content means to them, and explore its powerful impact on the local music scene. has experienced significant growth in hyperlocal content by focusing on regional artists and culturally relevant music.

This approach has resonated well with users who seek music that reflects their local identity and culture. By investing in local talent and tailoring content to regional preferences, not only enriches its music library but also strengthens its connection with diverse audiences.

This strategy has proven successful in driving user engagement and expanding the platform's reach. For more insights, watch the full video here

Featured Speakers:

Mike Strano - Partners Against Piracy Kenya

George Ouma - JoJo Records

Winnie Mokaya - Tamasha Records

Tim Rimbui - EnC Talent

Kagwe Mungai - Artist

Micheal Mlingwa - Slide Digital TZ

Songa - Artist

William Abagi - Mdundo

Wanjiku - Mdundo


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