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Need Cash to Fund Career? EXPLORE the DjookyX Marketplace SOLUTION

Dear artiste,

If you have struggled with funding your music career, then you will find comfort and relief in the SOON TO BE UNVAILED DjookyX Marketplace. This is set to become the ideal marketplace for the cash-strapped African artiste to secure the much-needed funds to get their careers off the ground. And if you HAVE management and want THEM to oversee this for you, that too is possible.

What is DjookyX?

DjookyX is a new marketplace offering music creators the financial means to boost their careers by selling intellectual property rights (IPR) in their music to fans who, in return, jointly benefit from future royalty income the track generates. DjookyX offers music fans a new asset class—music copyrights—and will soon enable them to trade their IPR on a secondary market. You’ll find more information on how this works here. (Download PDF to your device, rather than read it online. It’s easier).


You can sign-up for the DjookyX Marketplace TODAY, right here.

Best wishes,

Djooky Africa Team & Talent Showcase Africa


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