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Mdundo Guides: Setting The Release Date

Setting the release date is an important part of the process of uploading a song to Mdundo. As an artist on the platform, you have come across this activity every time you want to upload new music. Unfortunately, this process can become challenging for a lot of artists who are unable to continue with the upload process because of this.

Why The Date Matters

The release date is an integral part of the process of releasing music and informs the audience of when your music came out. The release date can also be a promotional tool as promoting a new single or album that will drop on a specific date will build hype and excitement among your fanbase in anticipation of the release.

On Mdundo your release is guided by the day that your music was first released to the mass market. It could be on the same day as the upload to Mdundo or it could be months, even years, prior to the date of the upload. Ideally, the process of inputting the release date during upload should be guided by the date of the first release to the mass market but you can also input the date of upload as the date of release even if it is not the same.

For example if your song was released on 2022-03-15 but you are uploading the song on 2022-04-10 you are able to input either date as the date of release with no problem. Please be aware that the date you choose as the release date will be the date that will appear in the metadata of the song anytime it is downloaded from Mdundo.

How To Set The Date

When setting the date it is very important to input the values in the correct format to ensure that the song is uploaded smoothly. If the release date is not in the correct format then the upload will not be successful. The release date should always be input in the YYYY-MM-DD format where YYYY represents the year, MM represents the month of the year and DD represents the day of the month. The year should be four digits YYYY, the month should be two digits MM, and the date should two digits DD, i.e 2018-02-04, which is the correct way of inputing the release date on the upload page.

If you are still having trouble setting the date of release you can contact us via email at for further assistance on the matter.


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