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Mdundo Guides: Monthly Listeners

When a fan comes to download your music one of the things they will see on your account is the monthly listeners numbers. This number is different for all the artists on Mdundo. But what does it mean and how can it help you increase your rank on Mdundo.


The monthly listener numbers are a measure of all the people who have streamed or downloaded your music on Mdundo in the last thirty days. It is an accurate representation an artist's popularity on Mdundo. One monthly listener counts for one unique user no matter how many times they download or stream your music. The monthly listeners numbers are the clearest metric to determine who are the biggest and also fastest growing artists on the platform.


A small thing as your number of monthly listeners is far more important than it seems. It represents your coverage, your real audience, and thus, is the most objective parameter, regarding your popularity on Mdundo. So as an artist you should always be working to make this number more significant than it is.

You can only hope that your natural process of gaining monthly listeners will go smoothly and effectively, but you can never be sure of it. That is why artists engage in various marketing activities to ensure that there is real and organic growth in their monthly listener numbers

If your number of monthly listeners goes up, your other parameters will go up also. More people will be aware of your music and your presence. As you keep increasing your monthly listener numbers then your music will be added to more playlists, more DJ mixes and thus introducing it to even more people.

The best ways to increase your monthly listener numbers are

  • Make sure your music is high quality and easy to find. If potential listeners can’t find your music or if the quality is not up to par with other artists, they’re unlikely to listen to anything you put out

  • Actively promote your music on other social media platforms and in your offline marketing efforts. If people can’t find you on Mdundo, they’re unlikely to listen to your music. So be active on other social media platforms and offline marketing efforts.


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