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Mdundo Guides: How To Edit Your Account

As an artist on Mdundo your account is the most important thing to you. It is the interface between you and the fans who download and listen to your music. With that in mind it is important to maintain your account regularly and keep it updated with the right information

No one wants mistakes and discrepancies appearing on their account but in the event that you see anything that is incorrect on the account or would simply just like to change some details on the account then it is possibly by filling out the Edit Account Form.


The edit account form allows you to edit the following aspects of your Mdundo account

  • Mdundo artist name: This is the name that your fans see on your mdundo account. IF you have rebranded as an artist then you will use this option

  • Phone number: Your phone number is important to your account. You will use this option to edit it

  • Artist bio: This is the option that you will choose if you want to change your artist description and biography on your account

  • Country: This option is to be used if you have indicated the wrong country on your account or have relocated to another country

  • Song edit: This option is used to activate an inactive song, changing the name of a song, including featured artists, and changing the song genre

If you would still like to edit your account because what you want to edit is not listed above do not worry. Under the "What would you like to edit" question on the form there is an option for others which allows you to indicate the specific thing that you would like to edit that is not listed.

Once you have successfully managed to fill out the form and submitted your request our database manager will act on it as soon as possible. Once your edit request has been successfully completed you will be informed via email.

Editing your mdundo account can seem like a difficult task but it is an easy and straightforward process.


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