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The much-anticipated Mdundo 2024 Rising Stars Awards have concluded, and the winners have finally been announced, marking a significant milestone for emerging musical talent across the African continent. Mdundo is thrilled to unveil the winners, each representing the vibrant musical landscapes of their respective countries.




Fally Music  TANZANIA

Vin Jaguar  UGANDA

These artists have captivated audiences and mobilized their fanbases to secure the most downloads on the Mdundo platform, demonstrating their potential to shine on an international stage.

Leading up to the announcement, Mdundo engaged its audience with a specially curated playlist featuring the nominees' music. This playlist, active for four weeks with daily updates, provided a dynamic showcase of the diverse and rich musical talent from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria.

"The Rising Stars Awards is a beautiful initiative that will give great visibility to growing artists in Africa," said Muriuki Kiai, Mdundo Database & Copyright Manager, who spearheaded the Rising Stars initiative. "We have extremely talented artists who are yet to be fully discovered, and this platform is designed to shine a spotlight on their incredible potential."

As part of the prize, the winners will be featured in top playlists and DJ mixes on Mdundo. This spotlight is expected to significantly grow their fanbase, increase downloads, and boost their royalties, offering a substantial career lift.  This exposure is an invaluable opportunity for these rising stars to gain further visibility.

For the nominees, the journey to this achievement involved extensive mobilizing and marketing efforts. Encouraged to engage their circles, the artists called on family, friends, and fans to download their music on Mdundo, highlighting the community-driven spirit of the awards.

The Mdundo 2024 Rising Stars Awards underscore the platform's commitment to nurturing and promoting African musical talent. By offering a platform where emerging artists can gain visibility and recognition, Mdundo continues to play a pivotal role in the growth of Africa's music industry.

CONGRATULATIONS to Beeztrap KOTM, LIL FELLY, D Leo VLM, Fally Music and Vin Jaguar! We look forward to seeing their continued rise and impact on the global music scene.

Stay tuned to Mdundo for more updates and discover the phenomenal music of these rising stars.


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