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Five Tips To Increase Your Mdundo Rank

Mdundo rank is the position of your account which is based on your active listener for the last 30 days. Rank is influenced by several factors and varies depending on the popularity of the artist and the music that has been released. You can read more about Mdundo rank and how it works by reading this post

The goal for any artist on Mdundo is to grow their profile to a high rank. Artists plan and strategize their career moves based on their ranking. In order to allow every artist on to Mdundo to grow their rank and reach their potential here are five tips that will assist any artist to increase their rank

Share Your Profile On Social Media

Social media has created a global meeting point for everyone; a lot of time is spent on social media by a sizeable chunk of the online population. Link your Mdundo account to the social platforms and request your fans and followers to download your music. You can also use social media to give updates on your career, new content, and anything else to keep your followers engaged and to build a better connection.

Use Mdundo's Marketing Services

Mdundo is happy to promote your new music and releases. Keep updating Mdundo on new releases that are coming out such as singles and albums to be considered for promotion on social media and other channels. Various marketing activities such as Twitterviews and Instagram live help introduce artists to a new audience and also create a better connection to the fanbase. Artists can also request to have their songs added to playlists that are regularly updated on the platform. You can read more about marketing activities on Mdundo here

Keep Your Mdundo Account Updated

Keeping your Mdundo account active and updated allows your fans to receive your newest releases and news as soon as possible. Active profiles have a higher chance of moving up in rank compared to inactive profiles because more of the content is being streamed and downloaded by fans on Mdundo. The high-ranking artist profiles on Mdundo all have an extensive catalogue that is regularly updated with new songs, lyrics, news and announcements which builds excitement within their fanbases. If you want your fans to return to your music on a regular basis, you need to release music on a more consistent basis.

Engage With Your Fanbase

As an artist, your fanbase is your most important asset and as such must be treated with the utmost respect. Engage with your fanbase on social media, forums and any other channels. Reply to comments on your social media to create a more personal connection with fans, reach out to fans directly to tell them about new releases or news and direct them to download your music on Mdundo. The more you engage your fanbase the more your chances of audience retention and also you have a chance to gain new fans.

Have a Plan

For every minute you spend in planning you save ten minutes in execution. Proper planning prevents poor performance, in this case all marketing and promotion activities should have a detailed plan to enable you to achieve the desired results. All releases, rollouts and promotional activities require a plan so as to achieve the desired results. By having a plan you are already halfway to your goal of increasing your rank on Mdundo.


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