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  • The 3 best ways to promote your Mdundo account.

  • Social Media - share your music with your fans, find the link to your Mdundo profile HERE.

  • Mdundo Updates - share any news with your fans about your music, events and videos HERE.

  • Rising Star's Playlist - submit your song to the Mdundo Rising Stars playlist HERE.

Keep Learning

  • Learn about the music industry with Mdundo:​

  • Protect your music - Learn about rights management and copyright HERE.​

  • Promote your music - Learn about marketing and building your fanbase HERE.​

  • Earn on your music - Learn about how you can make money on your music HERE.


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How do I sign up?

Go to this page.

Step 1: Enter your legal details (not your stage name).

Step 2: Verify your account from your email.

Step 3: Create your profile (stage name here).

Step 4: Start promoting.

Step 5: Follow your downloads live online.

How do I promote my music?

Step 1: Click “Artist Profile”.

Step 2: Copy link below starting with

Step 3: Share on social media, whatsapp, email, text.

Step 4: Notify Mdundo about any news, events and new releases in “News”.

Step 5: Send an email to for playlist creation

How do I earn money from Mdundo?

Step 1: Mdundo pay artists 50% of revenue - see FAQ below.

Step 2: We pay you on 1st January and 1st July.

Step 3: You can always check our Frequently Asked Questions about payments.

Step 4: Mdundo releases a detailed payment report twice a year here.

What are the terms of conditions on Mdundo?

Terms - It’s your music rights!

When you create a profile and upload music to Mdundo you agree to these terms and conditions.

How does Mdundo make money?

Mdundo approaches advertisement clients across Africa to advertise their products and services with us. When a client agrees to use our service, we add commercials on our website and in our app.

On average Mdundo runs 10 to 20 campaigns every year. Some of our most loyal users also subscribe to our service to remove the frequent commercial break.

How does Mdundo calculate artist earnings?

Mdundo pays 50% of our revenue to the artists. The 50% is split between artists according to the individual artists share of downloads.

Example: If 1% of all downloads on Mdundo is from Artist XYZ, this artist would receive 1% of the 50%. This is the same way leading music services in the world as well as radio stations split the money.

The payment per download can vary significantly from payment to payment and the reason for the change in price is either (1) More or less advertisement clients or (2) More or less total downloads from Mdundo.

Price goes up: If Mdundo makes more money or total downloads from Mdundo is decreasing.

Price goes down: If Mdundo makes less money or total downloads from Mdundo is increasing.

How does Mdundo work for an artist?

Artists sign up and upload your music to here:

Your fans can easily download your music from

Mdundo generates revenue from advertisements on the site and in the songs, exactly like a radio station.

Every 6th month (January and July), Mdundo will pay you your share of the revenue generated based on how many downloads you have.

When do I get paid?

Mdundo pays you when you have earned more than $1 (or 85ksh).

Mdundo pays every 6th month (January and July).

You can check how much you've earned on January 1st and July

1st under "stats" here:

Mdundo pays you through Mobile Money. Always update your payment details under "Payout Info"here:

How do I upload music?

  • Click on

  • Fill in your details correctly i.e your email and password

  • Click on music

  • Click on upload song

  • Fill in the details required

  • Click on save

How do I delete a song?

  • Go to

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the tab, I am a musician! - Log in or Sign up

  • Fill in your email and password

  • Click on the tab music

  • Identify the song want to delete and click on the active tab

  • Click on ok to confirm

How do I edit a song?

Send a REQUEST TO EDIT email to

How do I check my Mdundo balance?

You can check how much you've earned on January 1st and July 1st under "stats" here:

How many downloads do I have?

Step 1: Log in to your account here:

Step 2: Click on "stats"

Step 3: DL/download count will show you each download account.

How do I get my money?

Mdundo uses mobile money and bank transfers to send you the earnings accumulated from your downloads using the number provided in your payout info section.

Does Mdundo work with Djs?

Mdundo currently ONLY permits mixes from vetted in-house DJs.

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Mdundo does not claim any ownership rights in Your Content.

Your Content remains your sole responsibility.

Ownership & Control

Any and all Content that you upload is generated, owned and controlled solely by you, and not by Mdundo.


You grant a worldwide license for Download, Streaming, Mixing and Promotional use.

Content Flexibility

You have complete content flexibility allowing you to remove and add songs at any point.


Mdundo is not an exclusive platform and you can therefore work with everyone else.

Copyright Protection

You grant Mdundo a license to remove your content from any illegal websites where it might be available.



Mdundo is Africa's leading mobile-web based music service. We offer millions of songs from African and abroad for free downloads and streaming directly from our website and android app including the Newest Releases, DJ Mixes, Playlists, Podcasts and Music News.


We work with more than 60,000 artists from across Africa as well as some of the world's leading record labels. Our artist services are focused on flexibility, transparency and fair compensation. All revenues are equally shared with the content owners. Join Mdundo as an artist today!


People love music! That's why we believe that music is the most powerful way of connecting with people on an emotional level.

We offer a unique and culturally relevant approach to brand marketing. Whether your brand is looking to shift perception, reach a new generation, boost sales or build loyalty, we will help you make your mark on the cultural landscape in an authentic and meaningful way.