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Social Media Content Calendar

A social media content calendar is part of planning for your social media strategy. It can be as simple as possible whether on excel, on a calendar, or an app. The important thing is that it exists. The calendar plays a big role in ensuring that you are up to speed with your social media postings and marketing. This in turn leads to constant interaction with your fans and followers.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

The calendar gives you an overview of what your day looks like, your week or even month depending on how you have organized it.

The calendar has the following elements;

  • The exact date and time the post is going live

  • The social network and account where the post will be published

  • The post’s artwork and creative assets (i.e. photos or videos)

  • Links and tags to be included in the post

  • Any additional relevant information (e.g. is this an Instagram feed post or a Story?)

Importance of a social media calendar

  1. It saves time The calendar helps you plan ahead. You will not aimlessly scroll through your social media platforms wondering what to post or where to post.

  2. Consistent Posts Posting consistently increases your likes, subscribers, and followers. Scheduling your social media calendar with posts ahead of time allows you to post consistently whether you are releasing music or not.

  3. Track what works Social media analytics has a lot of insights. A social media content calendar provides the opportunity to schedule your experiments for improvement. Plan out your tests until you find the right recipe for the type of content, format, post frequency, and the best time of day to post for each social platform.

How to create your social media calendar

  1. Choose your social media platforms

  2. Decide what you want to track i.e platform, time, message

  3. Develop a content library for your assets (Music, Images, Videos)

  4. Create a workflow i.e what time to post, how often

  5. Invite your team to review it

  6. Start publishing your posts.

What to include in your calendar;

  1. Teasers

  2. Trending topics

  3. Memes

  4. Live videos

  5. Competition or giveaways

  6. Behind the scenes video

  7. Polls

  8. Blog posts

  9. Inspirational quotes

  10. Any other engaging content

Choose any of the templates below, download, and customize them to fit your needs.

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