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Features & Tools To Maximize Your Mdundo Usage

Happy Holidays.

Mdundo wishes you and your loved ones a joyous festive season full of good cheer, food and a fabulous time.

One last important thing for the year, just before you get into the holiday spirit. Tools and features that you didn’t know existed but are super useful.


Mdundo Deck For Artists

This feature beautifully summarizes who Mdundo is, the countries we are available in as well as the number of audience we have per country.

It also breaks down how your brand is protected and uplifted on Mdundo.

Download the pdf.

Mdundo Rights Holders Pitch
Download PDF • 6.56MB


Mdundo For Brands, is a website similar to Mdundo For Artists. The only difference is, here we focus on the numbers and clients we are working with.

Visit the website today to find out the active number of listeners for this quarter.



The widget allows you to embed your music on other sites and platforms so that fans can stream and download without coming to the Mdundo site. Whatever site they stream or/and download from, counts as a download for you on Mdundo. -Search your song on the main site as a fan would and open the link - Click on EMBED SONG and Copy the given code and - Add the embed code to your blog, social media pages or personal website, - Song is ready for download and share


Forum - Mdundo For Artists

The forum section on Mdundo For Artists has been created for artists to engage with fellow artists. Whether you have an upcoming event, or a song you need to sell or are looking for collaborations, the list is endless. The important thing is we share our passion for music.


Let us know if there is a Mdundo feature or tool you would like to know about on the comment section below.

Enjoy the holiday season


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