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Top Artist Profile: Alien Skin

Alien Skin, born Patrick Mulwana in 1996, is a Ugandan musician taking the music scene by storm. Hailing from Kansanga, a suburb of Kampala, Alien Skin's journey began not in the classroom, but on the streets. Despite his passion for music, fueled by inspirations like Bobi Wine and Jamaican dancehall artists, financial constraints forced him to leave university and take on odd jobs. It was during this time, honing his skills through street rapping with friends who gave him the nickname "Alien" (which later evolved into his stage name), that Alien Skin began crafting his own music.


His big break, however, wouldn't come through traditional channels. In 2017, Alien Skin started writing and rapping with his crew, but radio stations and clubs initially overlooked his music. The tide turned with the rise of TikTok. Uploading his songs to the platform, Alien Skin found a viral audience. Hits like "Tonkaka" and "Tulabise (Embozi Yo Etambuza Enkola)" exploded in popularity, and even his "Lockdown song" resonated deeply. With newfound fame, clubs began taking notice, and Alien Skin's music transitioned from online success to dance floor anthems.


The innovation that underpins Alien Skin's rise is his unique sound. He's a pioneer of "Ragga Mu seketu," a genre he created in 2019. This infectious blend fuses Ugandan musical influences with Ragga and Luga flow, a fast-paced Ugandan rap style. Alien Skin's story is one of perseverance and embracing new avenues. His ability to connect with audiences through catchy music and a fresh sound positions him as a major force in Ugandan music for years to come.


Looking ahead, Alien Skin is poised to expand his reach beyond Uganda's borders. Collaborations with other East African artists and continued innovation within the Ragga Mu seketu genre could see him become a pan-African star. With his dedication and talent, there's no doubt Alien Skin's unique sound will continue to captivate audiences worldwide. You can download and listen to his music on


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