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Mdundo Highest Growing Artists Q3

There are some notable names in the highest growing artists list of the third quarter of 2022. The list consists of a wide range of artists from a veteran gospel group that has been making music for over two decades to a Ugandan pop princess who has been making waves in the past few years.

The highest growing artist of the quarter is Sifaeli Mwabuka, who has a growth percentage of one thousand one hundred and fifty-two, (1152 %). He is a Tanzanian gospel artist known for his songs such as Simama Mtetezi Wetu, Mimi Ni Nani and Shuka Tukuone Mungu Wetu.

Other notable artists on the list include Mozambican artist DJ Tarico who has grown by four hundred and six percent (406%). Also on the list is Ugandan singer and songwriter Daddy Andre, known for his songs such as Andele and I Miss You. The complete list of the highest-growing artists is listed below.

  1. Sifaeli Mwabuka (Tanzania) - 1152 %

  2. Nina Roz (Uganda) - 778 %

  3. Twenty Fingers (Mozambique) - 687 %

  4. Guardian Angel (Kenya) - 581 %

  5. DJ Tarico (Mozambique) - 406%

  6. Confuser Jay (Kenya) - 377%

  7. Amadodana Ase Wesile (South Africa) - 339%

  8. Tunda Man (Tanzania)- 296%

  9. Daddy Andre (Uganda) - 273%

  10. Jah Phinga (Ghana) - 217%


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