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Mdundo Guides: How To Reset Your Password

We have all been there before, trying to log into an account online only to be met with an "incorrect password" warning. This will leave you confused, scratching your head trying to figure out what the correct password is. In this age of online connectivity, the average person has a lot of accounts that all require passwords with most of them being unique so it is not a surprise to see that someone has forgotten their password.

Why Is My Password Important?

For every artist, on Mdundo the password is the master key to their account. It allows them access to all their information and also allows them to access services that Mdundo has available to artists. Just like a real-life master key, the password should only be in the possession of very few people. By logging in using the correct password an artist is able to upload new music, check their downloads, rankings, update their bio, request for payouts and much more. Knowing your password and logging in allows the artist to maximize the potential of their Mdundo account.

How Can I Reset My Password?

What happens when you have forgotten your password and would like to log in to your Mdundo account? When faced with such a problem the best thing to do is to reset your password. The reset process will allow you to be able to log in to your account once again.

To reset your password please follow the steps below

  1. Go to

  2. Scroll to the bottom page and click on the tab, I am a musician! - Log in or Sign up

  3. Fill in the email that you used to create your mdundo account.

  4. Click on I forgot password

  5. Log into your personal email

  6. Click on the link and reset your password.

Once you have finished the process and have gotten a new password you can now proceed to login to your Mdundo account and make the most of Mdundo. Please remember that your password is secret and should not be shared with anyone else to ensure the safety an integrity of your Mdundo account.


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