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Mdundo Guides: Flagged Accounts

On any platform, there are rules and regulations that are used to guide the activities that occur there. Mdundo is the same, we have terms and conditions that artists agree to when they are joining the platform (Click here to read the terms and conditions). A very large majority of Mdundo users operate within the terms and conditions but there are those who fail to adhere to them. Accounts that are found to have contravened the terms and conditions of Mdundo will end up being flagged.


Getting flagged is not a good feeling as the user will not be able to use the full functionality of their Mdundo account and will not be able to receive any royalties that they may have earned. There are a wide-ranging number of reasons as to why an account can be flagged, listed here below are some of the main reasons that lead to accounts being flagged.

  1. Uploads of unauthorized songs: This means that the content uploaded is owned by other artists /bodies without their permission. Mdundo users can only upload original works or materials that they have the right to.

  2. Cover songs - Mdundo prohibits the upload of cover songs unless the right documents are provided. These documents include an agreement with the song’s original owner, giving you the rights to produce and monetize their songs through covers. This also includes using beats from another song.

  3. Name and likeness: Using another artist on your profile without their permission is considered impersonation and will get your account flagged.

  4. Beats - Uploading music that belongs to another artist, this includes beats and instrumentals of their work. Naming your content after other artists is exploitation and is prohibited. It gives false information to Mdundo users.

  5. DJs - As part of Mdundo’s continued effort to support correct music rights management, please note that as of 1st February 2021, Mdundo will no longer permit the upload and distribution of unauthorized DJ Mixes and will begin the deactivation of any unauthorized DJ mixes available on and Mdundo App.

  6. Promoters - This means that content uploaded to your account is owned by other artists/bodies and you do not have the distribution rights to the content.

  7. Sound Effects - Uploading sound effects will get your account flagged unless the Mdundo user can prove that it is their own work. (edited)

These are not the only reasons an account can be flagged, your mdundo account can be flagged for any violation of the Mdundo terms and conditions. It is important to make sure that all activities you perform within Mdundo are covered in the guidelines.


If your account is flagged you will be informed via email and you can now begin the process of having your account made active again. Cases regarding flagged accounts are considered on a case-by-case basis and as such a decision made by Mdundo regarding a flagged account is completely unique. If you are a Mdundo user with a flagged account and would like to know more as to why your account was flagged or you want the account reactivated please contact us via email at


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