How To Find Your Image!

By now we have seen that image is pretty important to your success as an artist. It affects your live show, it affects your online presence, it affects your marketing opportunities and strategy. Let us then consider the image that best represents us and how to create one.

What Image Best Represents You?

Your image as a musician is communicated through everything you do. Your job is to be consistent. For example, before posting to social media, ask yourself if this post deepens or conflicts with your image and or values. It is important to remember that consistency is key.

How To Create Your Image?

Style and Identity: It’s not always about being the sexiest or best-looking act. It’s about having a style that reflects your personality and stands out.

Identify Your Audience: You will have to market yourself to a specific type of audience. The more you understand your target market, the better you can create an image as an artist to cater to your fan’s needs.

See How Other Artists Create Define Their Image: Check out some of the artists and musicians you admire and inspire you. What elements of their music branding and identity do you see. You can make a list and use them as a case study or inspiration.

Create A Memorable Logo: Your logo can be used as a consistent brand and image elements on your website, social media, merchandise, press kit, and when performing.

Create A Press Kit: Electronic press packs or kits are essential for any artist looking to create a consistent image in the music industry. It can be as simple as a one-page PDF with your details on, but the best press kits are a bit more comprehensive than that.

What an EPK Contains:

- A biography; Introduction to you, your image and identity – your story!

- Links to demos of your music.

- High quality photography.

- Links to your social media channels.

- Include any press releases.

- Contact details

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