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Makhadzi: The Impact of Mdundo on My Music Career

Recently, the Mdundo team was able to connect with Makhadzi, one of the biggest artists on Mdundo and across Africa. We were able to ask her a few questions in regards to her experience on Mdundo and this is what she had to say about it.

What are your thoughts on Mdundo as a service?

Mdundo is a powerful force, revolutionizing the distribution and promotion of African music. Mdundo has proven to be an invaluable tool in expanding the reach of my music. With its vast presence across Africa, my music has been played and downloaded in numerous countries, exposing me to a diverse and ever-growing audience. Through Mdundo, I have witnessed firsthand the power of technology in breaking down barriers and connecting artists with fans across borders, contributing significantly to my career's trajectory. Additionally, the platform has extended tremendous promotional support, showcasing my music to a wider audience and increasing my visibility as an artist.

How Mdundo has impacted your career: highlight how Mdundo has played a role in your
professional growth.

The impact of Mdundo in my career, Mdundo has given a great projection in terms of dissemination and expansion of my music, since in almost every country in Africa my music is played and downloaded. With the technological evolution, the music industry has been offering us everyday tools that make it easier for our fans to obtain our work through streaming and download services, and Mdundo has been one of the best digital platforms in the distribution of African music.

We would love to hear about your overall experience as an artist on Mdundo. How user-friendly did you find the platform? Were there any notable benefits or features that have contributed to your success?

Without a doubt, the platform is very transparent, secure and easy to use. Even though there are a considerable number of people in Africa, specifically in my country, who still don't have the domain of information technology, the platform makes the artist's life easier, being able to have total control of their activities within the platform anywhere in the world, this is a great value for me, I can have a manager to manage my account because of the agenda and availability, but I also have the possibility to monitor all activities.

In Conclusion

Mdundo has undeniably had a profound impact on my music career. Through its wide reach, valuable opportunities, and user-friendly interface, Mdundo has propelled my music to new heights, allowing me to connect with fans across Africa and beyond. As an artist, I am grateful for the transformative role that Mdundo has played in shaping my professional growth, and I look forward to further leveraging its resources and opportunities in the future.

*Disclaimer: This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity purposes


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