How To Stay Productive At Home

We need to look at this pandemic as a chance to take care of ourselves and our art, to grow and to learn, to support one another, and to discover new and interesting ways to use technology and share our gifts with the world.

Let’s turn that frowny #stayhome into an optimistically charged #blessed. Here are some ways you can stay productive from home right now.

  • Learn A New Musical Skill

Even the most skilled musicians have at least one technique, one genre, or one piece that they’ve always wanted to conquer or improve upon.

Go on YouTube, download an app, ask a friend. Set aside a few hours every other day to improvise or practice on that area

  • Learn A Non - Musical Skill

Music is not only an art but also business. Therefore take your time to learn about the business element of it. Discover what is sync lisencing and other ways to add increase your revenue streams.

You can enroll for online is a website that offers free and low cost online college courses done at your own pace, with paid certificates.

  • Make Online Content

Releasing online content right now is a surefire way to engage with your fanbase, expand your following, and inspire others.

Some ideas for new home-based content might be:

Q&A livestream or IGTV video

Song breakdown

Playalong video

Cover video

Livestream practice

Interview series with other artists from your living room

  • Read

Books can hold and keep all kinds of information, stories, thoughts, and feelings unlike anything else in this world. Why is reading so important?

Sharpens your mind: By concentrating on the words and storyline, it stimulates your brain.

Increase your vocabulary: You may come upon words you don't recognize and prompt you to look them up

Lowers your stress: It helps you relieve the pressures of the day by relaxing and stress just melts away.

Strengthen your writing abilities: It improves your writing abilities, and this is especially important if you are writing your own music.

Enhances your imagination: Your brain is stimulated as you try to picture what is taking place and the people involved. This will come in handy as you creatively make your videos and posters.

  • Watch

Good film and television is art too, and that can help inspire you as a writer, visually and emotionally as a creative and a performer.

There are also plenty of music docs on YouTube with a lot of information just waiting to be digested. Feed your head!

  • Write A Song A Day

Take this time to write your songs. They say that 1 in 500 songs become a hit. Finish old songs and demos. You can also use this time to compose music, expand your portfolio, and tackle a side-project.

  • Rest

There’s no shame in taking this time to rest and recover because, with all the suspensions, cancellations, and uncertainty, you can bet that things are going to hit hard and fast once life gets back to normal.

Being self-employed can be difficult and demanding. It’s hard not to feel like there is always something you could be doing to grow, earn more, or progress in your career. While this is admirable, it can lead to burnout. Taking a step back to assess, rest, and recharge can often be one of the most productive things you can do for yourself.

Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands and wear a mask!

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