How To Get A Knowledge Panel

For musicians, one of the most basic SEO achievements you can make is to get a Knowledge Panel to appear when on searches for you.

Why should you care about getting a Knowledge Panel?

Having a Knowledge Panel helps musicians during the Exploration phase of the Fan Journey. It helps people to get to know you and become fans. Even before they click on your website, they can see your photos, bio snippet, and other detailed information.

Remember the example that we used in an earlier post, of a complete-looking Knowledge Panel for Zardonic.

All of this information in the Knowledge Panel comes from Google’s Knowledge Graph, and reflects what Google knows about your brand.

You need to give as much information or in other terms, spoon-feed the Knowledge Graph with knowledge about your brand, in a way that Google can easily understand and organize. The information that appears in your Knowledge Panel depends on the knowledge Google has available about you.

Once you feed Google with that knowledge, it will decide for itself how to display it in search result pages.

The most obvious way to create a presence for your brand in Google is to just tell Google directly. However, doing this alone won't give you a Knowledge Panel, but it's a good place to start.

The first thing you'll need to do is log into your Google account, or create a new one if you don't already have one.

#1: Create a Google Brand Account

The first thing to do is to tell Google that you're an artist. You can do that by creating a Google Brand Account for your brand (band).

Create a Google Brand Account to get started.

#2: Manage your Brand account

After doing the first step, you'll now have a Brand account for your music, which you can manage.

Go into your Brand account and add links to all of your profiles around the web, and any other info you can.

#3: Add your Music to Google Play

Uploading your music to Google Play is a simple way to provide Google with more detailed information about your music.

Add your music to Google Play to provide Google with additional structured data.

#4: Register Your Site in Search Console

Finally, you'll want to connect your website

Verify your website in Search Console to connect it to your entity.

Add your band website to your Search Console and verify it.

Once you've followed these steps, you'll have associated all of this information by connecting it under a single Google account. Google will now know that your brand exists. It will have data about you including your music and other content, as well as your official website.

Create A Wikipedia Entry

If you look at the Knowledge Panels of other artists, you might notice that they usually have a link pointing to the artist’s Wikipedia page, just under their bio near the top. Like this:

Google relies on Wikipedia to show biographical information in the Knowledge Panel. It also helps Google identify you.

Creating a new Wikipedia entry is not that simple, unfortunately. Wikipedia has strict guidelines for approving new entries.

So what you can do now is head over to Wikipedia and create an entry for your brand, Be thorough and follow the best practices advice we’ve provided.

Create a Entry

It might seem redundant after making a Wikipedia page, but Google gets its Knowledge Graph data from Wikidata as well.

The information you enter into Wikidata is similar to Wikipedia, but it’s more structured. That’s why Google likes it for their Knowledge Graph - it’s easier for a computer to understand.

Go to and do a search to see if you’re already there.

If you are there already, then just edit your entry to add more complete and detailed information. If not, then you’ll need to create a new “item”.

The form will look something like this:

The starting point for creating a new Wikidata entry for your band.

Create a MusicBrainz Entry

MusicBrainz is kind of like the Wikipedia of music.

Google recommends artists add their information to MusicBrainz if they want a Knowledge Panel in their band SERPs. First, check to make sure you’re not already there, and if so just review and edit your entry as needed. If not, then go ahead and add your band’s information.

The starting point for creating a new MusicBrainz entry for your band.

Add any album and song information you have

Optimize Your Images

The previous steps will cover a lot of the biographical information about your band for the Knowledge Panel. But it’s also nice to have a selection of different images to show fans as well, like this Knowledge Panel for.

First, you have to have enough images of yourself on the internet for Google to use. Make sure you’re putting high-quality promo shots online that actually showcase you - as in, your face (or faces, if you’re a band).