How To Create A Music Website

Do you want to make a music website but don’t know where to start? Or are you thinking about giving your current website a new look? Well in this issue we shall focus on just that.

Why should every musician have a website?

  • It helps the musician look professional than just having social media accounts

  • A website shows that you're serious about making music and getting booked.

  • A website is an additional platform to gain more followers and promote your music

  • A musician is able to sell their music directly to fans thus keeping more revenues

  • A website helps to create a one - stop shop for all the artists information

  • It makes it very easy for bloggers, journalists, producers, promoters to identify and contact you.

How to create your music website

Now that you know why you need a website, you’re ready to start creating it.

Pick a website maker: Some common examples include; wix,wordpess,bandzoogle. Follow the instruction given on the site you choose: Some sites may ask you to fill in a form and then they give you help with the options like, they tell you how to put backgrounds on your site Find Backgrounds to do with music: Design your website to fit your music style and needs. Remember to update your website regularly: Ensure your update website with all new information, including your music, new pictures and any upcoming activities.

Things to include in your website

An About Page

An about page is one of the most important things to have on your website because a good one is sometimes all it takes for people to get an understanding of who you are. Start your about page with a short sentence or two describing your sound. If you’ve had articles written about you, include a quote! The bottom of your site should be a compact bio about your history, experiences, and accomplishments.

Press Photos

Having high-quality photos from either shows or photo shoots is important because when you’re pitching yourself you want to look as cool and professional as possible.


Having videos of you is great to include. Videos show your chemistry on stage and your personality. Make sure your videos can be easily shared on social media platforms as well.

Social Media

Social media is the best way to keep a following of fans and promoters connected to you. If you don’t have social media you need to and making sure your social media is easily accessible on your website in the form of widgets is just as important!

Your Music

This should not even be questioned. Embedding your music onto your website from any music streaming service like Spotify, SoundCloud, or Mdundo.

Contact Info

Having a contact form on your website for people to connect to you through email is important, but having your phone number on there as well shows that you care about making sure it is easy to communicate with you.

Upcoming Shows

Let people know when and where they can see you play. Having an updated concert calendar is really important.

Merch Store

Sometimes fans want something tangible from artists like a t-shirt, sticker, or vinyl. Having a merch store with good prices on your website will also make you look more professional to promoters that are hoping you will bring a good crowd to their venue.

Choose any of the sites below, to get started;








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