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Over the next couple of months, we shall look at a step by step guide on how to get your name out there. One of the ways to get your name out there is by creating an image for yourself. Good image matters and the reason is; even the greatest products can’t sell themselves; the image or brand perception is what makes people want to buy.

Before anything else, let us ensure that we understand;

- What an image is?

- How to find/create one?

- How to maintain it?

Like any career, musicians have job descriptions or duties and responsibilities and a set of skills in order to achieve the set duties. As we begin this issue, see whether you are doing it right as a musician by closely reflecting on the duties and skills below and track how far or close you are to attaining them.

Duties and Responsibilities of Musicians

- Perform music for live audiences and recordings

- Rehearse to prepare for performances and practice several days a week to sharpen talent

- Find locations for performances or concerts and book gigs at bars, events, and weddings.

- Go on a short or extended tour.

- Record music in studios for radio, film, or television and compose and arrange music.

- Building strong relationships with other artists by reaching out to and collaborating with other artists and professionals in the entertainment industry. as well as fans.

- Going for vocal training, and expanding your skillset by learning new techniques and instruments.

- Building a positive brand by giving interviews and making appearances on radio and television and maintaining a strong social media presence by posting regular, relevant content, and interacting with fans online.

- Promote their careers by maintaining a website or doing photoshoots

- Upholding a suitable, professional public image at all times.

Required Skills

- Superb musical talent, creativity, and drive.

- Ability to act, dance, and play instruments

- A marketable personality.

- Great communication, and interpersonal skills.

- Willingness to travel and relocate if necessary.

- Motivation, determination and perseverance

- Confidence in performing before an audience

- Stamina and dedication to continue practising every day

- Reliability and flexibility

- The ability to work well as part of a team

- Self-discipline and good time management

- Patience and understanding, to take criticism and accept rejection

- Attention to detail.

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