Developing Creativity

Creativity is essential for musicians. It takes time and effort, but it can also be lots of fun. Keep an open and an inquisitive mind, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a creative genius!

Developing Habits That Foster Creativity

Expose yourself to new ideas and information.

In order to produce creative ideas yourself, you will need a flow of new ideas. Seeing the work of others might inspire you and give you ideas to challenge, change, or explore.

Activities you can do include

  • Reading of books

  • Keeping up with the trend and world news

  • Subscribing to musical magazines

  • Watching movies, youtube videos and documentary films

  • Listening and following other musicians on social media

Have a place to record your ideas.

You will need to be ready to write or sketch out an idea the moment inspiration strikes. For this reason, make sure to always have a sketchbook or notepad with you at all times.

When you get an idea, try putting it down quickly in your note/sketchbook. You can always come back later and revise it.

Try making yourself write or draw every day in your notebook, even if you don’t think you have any new ideas. In the long run, making a habit of working some in your notebook every day will lead to more creativity.

Create Some Quiet Time

It is very easy to be distracted by television, smartphones, social media, and other things. However, in order to think creatively, it is very important to have some quiet time. It seeks stimulation. This leads to fresh ideas.

Give yourself a "device-free" hour each day, or day per week

Set aside sometime each week in which you don't have anything scheduled

Learn From New Experiences

Get moving.

Simply changing your position or location can boost your creativity by giving you new surroundings, fresh sights, and stimulation. For example:

If you are inside, try going outside. If you are outside, try going inside.

If you are working in a big room, move to a small room. If you are working in a small room, move to a big room.

Pick up a new skill.

One characteristic of creative people is that they are always learning. Getting new skills will broaden your mindset and give you new ways of thinking through ideas.

  • Learn how to play a musical instrument

  • Try cooking a new food

  • Take up a new hobby, such as knitting or painting

  • Learn how to play a sport or game you’ve never tried before

Talk to other musicians and learn about what they do.

Learning about others and their ways of seeing things is a great way to enrich your own ways of seeing the world your creative thinking.

Make time to talk to lots of different kinds of people, ask them questions about their work and ideas, or just chat.

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