Artist Image Defined

What is Artist Image?

Artist Image is an outward compilation of many things which may include;

- Sound or genre.

- Fashion; Hair, Clothes, Body.

- Logo, artwork, posters or websites.

- How you talk to media and fans.

- Instruments you play.

- Artists you associate with.

- Artist bio or backstory.

Why Does Image Matter?

Before someone has heard your music, your image is the ONLY thing that matters. Once they press play, your MUSIC is the only thing that matters — it just happens to matter last.

Your fans need more than your music to listen to. With the many rising musicians, you need to give your fans a reason to select your music first...... And that is why Image matters.

What Is The Role of Image?

Music is show business and most of us in the music industry forget that.

Your fans identify with you - Fans judge you by your first appearance.

Your image is the invite. You may ask the invite to what exactly, well to the following;

Fans to listen to your songs

To get gigs

To sell your music/album

To get fans to show up for your concerts

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