Collaboration In Songwriting

The Art of Co-writing

If you look at the songwriter credits on any music charts these days, you’ll notice that most hit songs are written by more than one writer. it now takes a village.

Collaboration has become the new workplace in the music industries and it’s the combination of talent, skill-set, chemistry, and how connected you are, that all add up to the recipe of success.

“If you plan on writing a hit song, you’d better find a writing partner,” experts advises. “Preferably, four or more.”

Benefits of Collaboration in Songwriting

  • Working with people who complement your skill set, lightens the load, and increases productivity. Few people are masters at everything, so know what you are good at and master that to the best of your ability. Find collaborators that mirror your skills and bring something else to the table.

  • Different minds bring different perspectives and a mix of styles. The best part about collaborating is mixing ideas, styles, and cultures. You might never have tried such an idea on your own or written from another angle.

  • Enhances your professional and personal development. If you challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone, you will grow into a better writer and develop your “people skills”. Collaboration means you will have to learn to be a politician and your ability to debate, will help you figure out which ideas to fight for and which ones to let go of. Ultimately you are all working for the same goal at the end of the day, aiming high to write the best possible song.

  • Collaboration forces you to articulate your ideas to other people. One of the most difficult parts of being an artist is clearly explaining your ideas so that other people understand them. When you collaborate you talk your ideas out with other people, you can explain the thinking behind them and collectively come up with the clearest way to articulate the idea to others.

  • It helps you play to your strengths and accept your weaknesses. In order to collaborate with other people, you must first understand what your personal strengths and weaknesses are. Bring to the table what you know you're good at, and find a friend who can complement your weaknesses.

  • It's an easy way to gain fans. One of the best benefits of working with other musicians is that you've opened up to a whole new set of fans! If your sound is similar to, but with a unique spin on, the work of the person you're collaborating with, you're sure to open up the door to many fans coming your way. People are always looking for new music, and what better way than to find it through their favorite artists?

Looking for Songwriters or Musicians to Collaborate With?

Making music is a collaborative process, as everybody needs somebody else. Finding that right person can be a challenge, but it isn't impossible. If you're looking for a fellow musician, songwriter, or music professional to work with and create some amazing art with, here are a few services you'll definitely want to check out. Best of all, they are free to join, so you've got nothing to lose!


The service allows musicians to find one another for a new project. There's a built-in system that lets collaborators share files if they're working on a song across long distances. On top of that, there's also a feature that enables all creators to split the rights to the song, which ensures that everybody gets paid fairly.

2. SongwriterLink

SongwriterLink aims to connect songwriters that complement each other perfectly, which should hopefully lead to amazing music. In fact, the startup claims that it "uses matching engine technology – the same kind that dating websites use – to help users find exactly the type of songwriters they're seeking for collaborations."

3. Clowdy

British startup Clowdy is a bit different from the other suggestions on this list, as it's almost like a site for showing off a creative portfolio. The company lets musicians display what they've done in the hope of landing gigs and finding people to work with in the future. Clowdy is already a great way for people to showcase everything they've done.

4. Kompoz

Kompoz is kind of a collaborator's free-for-all, and that's what makes it so much fun. Anybody can upload any bit of music – a guitar chord, a bit of piano, or a killer vocal hook – and sit back and wait for others to listen to it and add their musical two cents. A track can go from one interesting part to a finished song in no time.


Melboss is similar to Kompoz, SongwriterLink, and FindMySong in that musicians and singers can find one another and get to know each other before collaborating, but it takes things a step further by incorporating all kinds of music professionals. Once musicians have gotten together and created something special, they can then work with publishers, label people, and even those booking shows or festivals to get that song out there.

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