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Changes to Mdundo's Customer Support: Going Offline but Not Out of Reach!

As part of our efforts to improve service delivery to artists, we would like to announce a shift in our artist support system. Effective from the 10th of February, the customer support number will be discontinued. However, artists can still reach out for assistance through alternative channels. Mdundo recognizes the importance of staying connected with its users and continues to maintain convenient solutions to ensure that artists' concerns and queries can be addressed promptly.

Artists can seek assistance through Mdundo's artist email ( and Zoho chat support channels. The chat support feature on Mdundo's website and the mobile app remain active, offering a means for artists to communicate their issues or inquiries and receive timely responses from knowledgeable representatives.

Additionally, Mdundo encourages artists to explore their for the comprehensive FAQ section and Mdundo Guides posts, which address common questions and provide helpful information on various aspects of the platform. By referring to the FAQ section, artists will find answers to their inquiries without needing direct assistance from the support team. Mdundo regularly updates its blog and social media platforms to keep artists informed about any changes, updates, or upcoming features, ensuring transparency and facilitating a seamless experience for all users.

For any queries and concerns please reach out to us via email at

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