Building Your Social Media Presence

Start By Developing Your Profiles.

When someone looks for you, they’re more than likely going to find your social profiles through Google that's why having a clean, optimized profile on each platform is a top priority.

To improve your profiles check on the following;

  • Make your profile or bio link count by always pointing to your latest promotion

  • Your profile pictures and covers are decent and stylish

  • Ensure that all profile information is accurate and up-to-date including tour dates or events

Keep Your Followers In The Know

New song? Upcoming album? Road tours?

Let people know!

Additionally, it’s a good move to put your posters and album artworks on your social media posts That way, anyone visiting your profile can know exactly what you have going on.

Ensure that you make high quality and captivating posters

Post Some Behind The Scenes Content

People love seeing what bands do when they’re not on stage. Share behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and stories that illustrate your life as a musician. If you’re going on the road, consider creating a tour diary in the form of a blog or vlog. If you’re in a writing session or in the studio, share pictures and short clips on Snapchat or Instagram Stories.

Tag Brands, Venues & Other Musicians

Tagging other people increases the visibility of your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

As such, it never hurts to tag others in your posts where appropriate. Some examples of smart tagging include:

  • Boosting brands (think: instruments or clothing) that you can show off in your performance photos

  • Shouting-out a venue where you’re performing

  • Highlighting fellow musicians you’re collaborating with or someone whose song you’re covering

Interact With Your Fans

Don’t ignore the importance of interacting with fans. Responding and retweeting shows that you’re listening to them. While it might not be a big deal to you, shout-outs can make fans feel appreciated and encourage them to be even more loyal followers in the long-run.

Make YouTube A Priority

Let’s talk about YouTube.

YouTube is the number one place where people stream music. It is the biggest stage in the world and the number on the discovery platform.

It is therefore extremely important to position yourself and create a killer strategy for your YouTube channel.

We shall have a closer look at YouTube, how it works and how to make it work for you on our next issue.

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