Artiste Branding

What Is Branding?

A brand is a visual representation of identity. The best artists in history are all about identity and identifying with their audience. So, as a musical artist starting out in a career you are already a brand whether you like it or not.

The question is whether your brand is good, bad or just plain ugly. It takes deliberate steps to build your brand. We want to take time and learn how to invest both time and resources on branding.

Digging Deeper Into Branding

How can I start to brand my self? Some may wonder. Can I suggest these three things for a start?

Visual - Take good professional high-resolution pictures

Bio - With the help of sites and blog hosts such as wix and wordpress, you can easily put this together where if anyone wants any info about you, they can refer to your website/blog post

Strategy - As a serious musician, one must set a strategy for achieving targets. Call it a dream board, a blueprint, a map to success, either way, you need one.

Social Media

We all know that social media plays a very big role in branding, especially for musicians. The trick is to realize that each social media platform is handled differently. You cannot copy and paste through the different social media platforms. Learn more about how each platform is wired and how to make it work for you. Don't forget to go through the Do's and Dont's of social media.

Electronic Press Kit

Your electronic press kit provides a central location with all of your content – like image and music files, bio, etc – for members of the media (editors, bloggers, radio program directors, etc.) to quickly access.

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