A Musician's Creative Process

Suppose that you want to start a creative project – compose a solo, write a song, design a logo, or whatever.

You’ve done your research and set aside time to work.

Do you typically dive into such projects, or do you tend to procrastinate?

If you avoid tackling creative tasks, take heart. Countless people find it difficult to act on their creative ideas.

Here is a 5 part creative process that most musicians use either consciously or subconsciously


The first stage is to understand the need to invent and therefore the thinking begins.

This is the part where you;

  • Listen to great music

  • Read books

  • Watch Films or documentaries

This stage is normally best carried out in a quiet environment.

It’s during this stage that you are trying to gain as much information as possible because this information will go into your sub-consciousness where it is very important for the creative process


During the incubation stage is when all the information that you have gathered in the preparation stage is put together.

Your Memory begins to recollect all the ideas you might have seen as you listened, watched, or even read.

This is an extremely important stage because sometimes it can take days, or weeks, or months or sometimes even years.

Now the interesting thing about the incubation stages is. it's something you cannot really rush.


The third stage is what most of the public thinks is a sign of a creative person, although the process began with preparation.

With insight, it is really the idea of the Aha’ moment.

These Aha' moment most often happens when you are doing some kind of low-level physical activity; going for a shower, driving a car, having a walk.

This is because your subconsciousness in the previous stages is bubbling away and this insight stage really allows the mind to work on something else.


The fourth stage is the evaluation. This stage is important because it requires self-criticism and reflection

It is asking yourself questions like: Is it a new idea or has it been done before?

It’s the idea of going out to a small group of trusted friends and saying: “I’ve had this idea, what do you think about this?”

It is a very important part because we only have a limited amount of time to do certain things.


And then we have the final stage. This is called Implementation.

Now the Implementation stage is where your fans get to see what you have been cooking. This is where you are actually doing the

As far as the creative process goes. a musician isn’t complete, and it's impossible to do anything that really lasts or blows fans away unless the whole process is implemented.

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