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HELP: Mdundo Guide


As an artist on Mdundo your account is the most important thing to you. It is the interface between you and the fans who download and listen to your music. With that in mind it is important to maintain your account regularly and keep it updated with the right information.No one wants mistakes and discrepancies appearing on their account


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We have all been there before, trying to log into an account online only to be met with an "incorrect password" warning. This will leave you confused, scratching your head trying to figure out what the correct password is. In this age of online connectivity, the average person has a lot of accounts that all require passwords with most of them being unique so it is not a surprise to see that someone has forgotten their password.

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The download share on Mdundo is the number of downloads an artist receives on the platform relative to the total amount of downloads on the platform. It is a comparison of your downloads against all the downloads. For example if artist A has 5000 downloads on their account and the total downloads on Mdundo is 5,000,000 then their download share will discovered by dividing 5000 with 5,000,000.

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Every Mdundo manager account has an attached phone number. This is a fundamental requirement during the account creation process. A phone number is important not only because it allows Mdundo to be able to contact you but also to facilitate your earnings payments during the two payment periods in a year

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One of the biggest reasons that artists join Mdundo is to be able to monetize their music. Every artist wants to be able to see a return on their investment, to make more money than what they spent making their music. An artist who is not able to make money from their music will not be able to support their music career for long and will eventually have to give up and focus on something else

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When uploading music to Mdundo it should be a smooth process that should allow getting your music online and available to your fans as easily as possible. Unfortunately, there may be challenges that artists face in the upload process that makes the whole experience tedious and difficult. Below we will focus on the most common challenges that artists encounter and detail how they can be easily rectified.

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Mdundo rank is the position of your account which is based on your active listener for the last 30 days. Rank is influenced by several factors and varies depending on the popularity of the artist and the music that has been released. You can read more about Mdundo rank and how it works by reading this post

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Setting the release date is an important part of the process of uploading a song to Mdundo. As an artist on the platform, you have come across this activity every time you want to upload new music. Unfortunately, this process can become challenging for a lot of artists who are unable to continue with the upload process because of this.

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The widget allows you to embed your music on other sites and platforms so that fans can stream and download without coming to the Mdundo site. Whatever site they stream or/and download from, counts as a download for you on Mdundo. -Search your song on the main site as a fan would and open the link - Click on EMBED SONG and Copy the given code and - Add the embed code to your blog, social media pages or personal website, - Song is ready for download and share

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What is rank?

Rank is the position of your Mdundo account which is based on your active listener for the last 30 days

This can be influenced by a number of factors such as:

  • A new hit release

  • Song gone viral

  • Social media influence

  • Online trends & events

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